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Hi, I'm Steven,

Spiritual Transformation & Certified High-Performance Coach

Life often unfolds in ways we sometimes do not understand or desire. What’s true, is that I was not far from where you find yourself to be right now. I get it, with all my heart I get it! Yes, it was hard to come-to-terms that I felt resistant to moving forward with my goals, and as I redefined this once hidden psychological tendency of resistance... personal transformation and achievement came easier. This was a result of building congruence between thoughts, feelings, and intentional action. I knew what I wanted, and for the first time in my life, I felt that all of me was finally moving in the same direction.

Yet, starting and enduring this journey on my own was difficult; often yielding inconsistent results, but also, I experienced some setbacks in areas I thought I had already resolved in my life. This was frustrating to say the least! But consistency and tenacity always pay off.

I eventually turned to coaching and mentoring support systems to complement my desired growth. Like many, I turned to self-help gurus for guidance and accountability…I loved it! This truly helped, but I still struggled, and honestly, I sometimes felt I was losing my grip. But I kept on, and turned to what I call my Higher Self to find the knowledge, the perspectives, and the strategies to answer the difficult questions to the 'internal' conflicts that still remained. I knew then, that I would have to dig deeper on my own to find the light I was searching for; and I did. Today, my heart is free and my soul stands on both solid psychological and spiritual grounds. Hence, the reason why I became a Higher Transformation Coach and trainer...so I can help make a difference in the lives of others experiencing the same questions/conflicts.





Immediately after leaving my all-consuming corporate job in 2017, I became a certified coach and trainer. I spent the next five years engaged in countless hours of research, testing, refining, and outcome validation to develop the simple framework I bring you today. A logical, yet highly intuitive approach that's helped me achieve the deeper sense of fulfillment I embody today. I've combined 30 years of academic training, professional experience, and personal exploration into a synthesized, future-driven, highly effective self-validation framework. Why is this important? Let's take a look...

I believe that we all have an important purpose to fulfill. For me, part of my life's journey and purpose was to first realize that "everything I need is already inside of me," so that could resolve the external dependencies that drained my energy and attention. A true path toward lasting transformation both starts and ends with the Higher Creative Self I've come to know. All I can say is that this relationship has elevated me in ways I could've only wished or prayed for.

I'm grateful for the desire to share this transformative knowledge with you and others; it fills me with passion and courage to do so. By design, you can accomplish your own version of fulfillment as well.




I love working and building community with folks from all walks of life who share a single desire to BE, and experience more of the beautiful things in life. Folks who are in search of answers to evasive and difficult internal questions  to redefine key areas of personal interest and growth. Such as career, spirituality, meaningful relationships, productivity, and confidence among others.

I believe the results in one's past should not interfere with the results we can live in our future. This will be so when you build from the ground-up using your creativity and the transformative framework I want to teach you. So, if you are seeking meaningful and profound transformation...

My Mission:

To heighten the Joy, Confidence, and Engagement you have in your life;
and in the process reshape the key areas of your life that need a little extra to be ideal and fulfilling. Now...
   ✓     Do you desire profound, honest, and rich relationships that elevate your purpose?
   ✓     Do you have a deep and innate desire, but lack the drive or know-how to fulfill your potential?
   ✓     Have you been pushing yourself at work, but found that what you're doing doesn't really fulfill you?
   ✓     Do you desire an honest connection and appreciation for yourself that is authentic, real, and nourishing?
   ✓     Are you extremely willing to address — and massively own — your pain and limiting beliefs through clarity?
   ✓     Do you feel you're ready to perform the often difficult work to unearth and redefine these beliefs and patterns?
   ✓     Have you been rolling the dice with self-help courses but found that nothing has really worked for you?
   ✓     Do you live stuck in auto-pilot response mode, and feel you can’t break free of painful behaviors?
   ✓     Do you strive to experience every area of your life in a meaningful way, yet feel helpless?
   ✓     Is this you? If any of these questions resonate in your heart, then...

With a Higher Transformation Coach & CHPC you're never alone — Together we'll work to redefine limitations and overwhelm as you reframe your way of thinking about these circumstances.
Do you believe there's path to a confident more vibrant you? Then...














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"I had trouble concentrating and staying connected with my Higher Creative Self because of the mental and emotional clutter I carried. I've learned how to keep my energy and focus consistently supporting my goals. I love experiencing new things in life, this program will continue to make a huge difference for me."


"Your expert method has helped me develop a new way of viewing life. Before, I was constantly depressed, and anxious. I now trust myself and the decisions I make regarding my future; especially living my life as who I choose to be! My new friendships know me as ME, and I feel fully accepted."



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