Part III - The Emotional Intelligence Series: Link to Self-Awareness


Welcome to the third installment of the five-part series, titled "The Emotional Intelligence Blueprint." In this edition, we delve into the profound connection between self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and their impact on individuals.

Our primary focus will be on the profound benefits that arise from recognizing and comprehending our emotions, ultimately leading to an elevated level of emotional intelligence. Moreover, we will explore the effectiveness of Metacognition exercises in augmenting both emotional intelligence and self-awareness. To start our exploration, let us begin by precisely defining these fundamental concepts:

  • Emotional intelligence or E.Q. [emotional quotient] involves recognizing and understanding emotions in oneself and others, using this knowledge to guide thinking and behavior. It plays a vital role in building relationships, managing stress, and achieving success. Recent studies highlight that individuals with high E.Q. tend to...
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