Break the Cycle: Conquering the Urge to Quit On Yourself

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As a personal development coach, parent, and holistic well-being advocate, I believe that setting and accomplishing goals is a powerful tool for enhancing self-esteem and improving mental and physical health. Pursuing your goals provides a sense of purpose and motivation that leads to long-term fulfillment and healthy confidence.

Conversely, quitting on your goals repeatedly reinforces a self-defeating message in your subconscious, which can adversely affect your ability to face future challenges and achieve your full potential.

According to self-efficacy theorist Albert Bandura, the belief in your ability to achieve a particular goal or task plays a significant role in your motivation and behavior. When you repeatedly abandon your goals without developing the necessary skillsets, it erodes your sense of self-efficacy, which ultimately results in reduced confidence.

This, in turn, leads to increased self-doubt, which questions your abilities and self-worth, affecting...

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