Your Beliefs: Fuel For Your Habits

Your conscious and subconscious beliefs fuel your habits. Wether these are positive or negative in nature, you have the ability to change them as it happened to me. For example, growing up in a household where parents constantly argued, led me to develop a fear of relationships. I believed it was normal for adults to constantly argue, making it uncomfortable for me as an adult. Although I worked through this limiting belief system, it left an indelible mark in me to experience this. I often see this type of negative response in family scenarios involving money as well. When a child grows up surrounded by argumentative adults who consistently feel stressed-out about money problems, children tend to feel fearful or angry when the subject of money and finances is discussed.

Beliefs turn habits into force. Force creates our reality through repetition. Each one determines if a belief is either constructive or destructive for them. Choice is pivotal for change. In the...

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